Define A Root Cause Analysis And When It Used.

    Define A Root Cause Analysis And When It Used.

    Review the case at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, “Getting to the Root of The Matter” at   


    Prepare a 4-page paper that responds to the following: 


    1. Define a root cause analysis and when it is used. 

    2. In the case study identify the incident and explain the problem that might trigger a root cause analysis. 

    3. Do you agree that the problem should not be investigated? Explain why or why not? 

    4. Discusses the goals and limitations of root cause analysis; 

    5.Outline the steps to conduct a root cause analysis.



    •Limit your responses to a maximum of four pages, not including title and reference list pages. •Be sure to utilize at least 3-4 scholarly references to support your discussions. •Be sure to properly cite your references within the text of your assignment and listed at the end. •Be sure to apply critical thinking skills to the write-up of your assignment, especially in regard to #3 above.


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