data visualizations in Tableau

    Integrated Experiential Learning: data visualizations of the exploratory data analysis
    XN Project: data visualizations of the exploratory data analysis in Tableau
    Project Goals and objectives
    The Viacom Company wants to know the performance of audiences by using visualization tool. This project aims to find some patterns or trends from the customers online orders. Also, the project wants to make user portraits for future targeted advertising or recommendation. Therefore, the project may needs to solve business questions as following:
        What are the attributes of custom audience that result in high engagement (large clicks and low cpc)?
        Whether the number of users and orders are growing steadily each year, and whether the volume of sales is changing from quarter to quarter
        What kind of goods do people in different countries and regions prefer
        What’s the correlation between CTR and audiences’ impressions?
        Build the statistical model of predicting the cpm, cpc and ctr for them.
    Dataset: custom_audience_ads.csv lookalike_data.csv
    Data dictionary: data_dict_custom_audiences.docx

    Requirement: Report includes the following information:
    Use the dataset to analyze those business questions, Results of your exploratory analysis; conclusions you can draw from the exploratory analysis, data visualizations of the exploratory data analysis, etc

    Report: 8001000 Word, double space. Include Screenshots and APA citations where appropriate.
    Tableau: At least 5 graphs, The twbx file.

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