Dance of the Furies

    Guide to Writing a Reading Response
    HIST: Historical Methods

    Basic Requirements:
        600-900 words, double-spaced (2 pages).
        Traditional font and margins (no tricks, please!).
        Must use Chicago Style citation (footnote style)
        If you use more than one source, a bibliography must be included.
        No outside research should be conducted, including consulting websites of any kind.  The assignment is meant to build your analytical skills, not to assess your ability to copy others.

        Consider how you might develop an argument on the reading, chapter, or topic.  You have the freedom to take the response in any direction you like.
        Develop your argument into a solid persuasive essay with an argumentative thesis, evidence from the texts, and a capable introduction and conclusion.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE READING RESPONSES. 

    Tips and Tactics:
        Use an appropriate amount of quotations and paraphrasing as evidence.
        Be sure to edit for typographical and grammatical errors.
        Dont forget to cite your sources
        Be sure to write in past tense.
        Avoid first-person writing and pronouns, rhetorical questions, passive voice, and poor punctuation.

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