You’re managing four college interns at a local Web design firm three women and one man. The women all attend the same well-known university and know one another through an affiliation with their sorority.  They are extremely supportive of one another, so they regularly contribute ideas and offer constructive criticism of one another’s work. Jim, however, seems left out. Although equally competent, he has just completed as Associate’s degree at the local community college and he holds down a full-time job on nights and weekends as a server at a local chain restaurant. His clothes and shoes, though stylish, appear to be well-worn. He lacks confidence and as a consequence doesn’t contribute ideas or offer suggestions for improving the work of others. Most of the online visitors to the particular website you’ve assigned to this group are male and the product is pitched at a price point to be accessible to people of more modest incomes, so Jim’s input would be particularly valuable. Before you begin, review the attached content related to culturally intelligent leadership.

    Answer Question#1
    1.    What leadership techniques would you use when you approach the women? Which concepts did you find particularly helpful or applicable and why? Would you approach Jim similar to how you approach the women? How would it differ?

    Answer Question#2
    2.    Now, on your own, imagine you are planning to approach Jim about his reticence to speak up in collaborative work meetings. Formulate a game plan for your initial conversation with him.

    Now ask 2 genuine questions that arose as you examined the Scenario

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