Cyber Crimes

    CJ-111 Criminology
    Crime Research Assignment (100 pts.)
    1.    Students will submit presentations as a group or individually 
    2.    Presentations must be uploaded by December 19, 2020 (11:59). Absolutely no exceptions!
    3.    Presentation options: Power point/ (Prezi), YouTube Presentation, Infographic, or paper submission.  ONLY CHOOSE ONE OPTION
    4.    Students who choose to work together, must inform Professor Talbert. Include the members in the email along with the crime. ________________________________________________
    1.    The type of crime (Felony/Misdemeanor) and punishments.
    2.    States are different.  Be sure to include the state(s) for the type of punishments for that particular crime.  Only 1 state minimum, you may compare two if you choose.  Where does your crime topic and crime fit in that particular state(s)? Is it first, tenth?
    3.    Identify the measuring tools (UCR etc..) used to obtain statistical information for requirement #2.  There are other measuring tool besides the four discussed in class, you may use.
    4.    Research famous crimes in History related to the Crime Topic.  How do you think this crime affected society at the time it occurred?  Is it different now?
    5.    Identify a Theory and explain how it relates to the Crime Topic.
    6.    4 improvements that could be made to deter the Crime Topic or crime in general.  Explain why each improvement would help.
    *** Students who choose to submit a paper, the format:
    APA including a title page
    12 Font, Time Romans and double space
    No minimum pages.  However, be sure to include the required information to receive full credit. 

    I was assigned cyber crimes

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