Current State of Information Management

    Topic:  Current State of Information Management
    Must answer:
    How is information (data, use of technologies) currently managed 1) in your organization (dont share the name of the organization) and 2) by you in your work and personal life?
    Who are the stakeholders helping you manage information and technology in your work?
    What information?
    Who controls it? 
    Which technologies provide the information (data)? o How do you use the data provided to you?
    Is it helpful?
    Does it make a difference in policy, practice, results?
    Is your organization Information Centric?
    What model or framework will help you maximize IM and IT where you work?

    Must use articles provided; Can add more if needed
    The article can be qualitative or quantitative in nature, but it must specifically focus on the public administration context.
    Remember to synthesize your research and findings with the required readings and presentations for this week and a Biblical/covenantal model of statesmanship, leadership and organizational behavior.
    Meaningful and relevant case study is chosen for detailed analysis, study and application.
    Concepts from the previous essay, required reading, etc. are applied in a meaningful and thorough way.
    Major points are stated clearly and effectively. Clear, logical flow to post; stayed on topic.
    Ideas from all the required reading and presentations from the Module/Week and 2 scholarly sources are integrated. Relates topic to Scripture/biblical principles. 
    Moves the conversation forward with new ideas, research, and analysis.
    Contains abundant citations from required reading, presentations, and 2 scholarly sources.
    Minimal to no errors in grammar, spelling, or APA.
    Appropriate word count:
    825 words for thread

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