Current news item

    Choose a current news item from a newspaper, magazine, Internet site, radio, or television.  State the title, source, and topic of the article/story.  Your paper must have three sections:
    1.    In at least one paragraph, clearly identify the ethical issue and provide an explanation of the issue. You may need to provide background information, situational information, examples, research, etc. in order to properly explain the ethical issue. You are also required to include a thesis statement in this first paragraph since this is a persuasive paper. A thesis statement should present the topic of your paper and you should also state your position in relation to that topic. Your argument should be persuasive so your readers want to read what you have to say.
    2.    Give a minimum of two proposed solutions to the ethical issue.
    3.    State which solution you believe is most ethical, with reference to an ethical theory.
    In addition, prepare to present your article/topic in class and lead a discussion of the subject. 
    Attach a copy or web link for your article to your paper.
    Paper should be a minimum of one page in length.

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