culture and communication

    due perhaps to the topic it addresses, the cultures it discusses, or the industry it addresses. I would like for you to compose a short, 2-3 page summary of the article, imagining that you were going to present an overview of the article and its findings to a superior in a meeting.
    If you are not happy with my selection and would like to choose another article, by all means do so! Did you read a cool story in the New York Times recently that youd like to talk about? Yes!
    Consider addressing:
    What are the cultures being discussed in the article, and how would you characterize them according to some of the dimensions of cultural variance discussed in lecture and in the readings?
    What was the business venture being discussed in the article? What was the (cross-)cultural element of this venture?
    To what degree was the business successful or not? Specifically, how did culture impact this success or failure?
    Were there any specific, concrete steps that the business took with respect to cross-cultural communication that might serve as interesting examples of what to do or not to do?
    What recommendations can you learn from the reading or come up with on your own that either did improve the situation described in the reading (if it went well) or could have improved it (if it did not)?
    In what specific ways was this applied or could it be applied (policies, practices, structure changes, incentives, etc.)? Did or would others still remain?

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