culture and capitalism

    Culture and Capitalism


    You will have multiple resources to analyze and incorporate in your sociological arguments based on the questions asked in this assignment. First, start by reading the questions. IT would help you to gather your thoughts, make notes as you review the questions. Secondly, watch the clip provided by the link below. Reread the questions, select the country you plan to discuss and complete research on that country, and the US based on the issues in the questions provided below. I have also provided search terms as a guide on what to research.  Remember that I am not grading on your opinion. Your observations can be included in your analysis but you must use the data from the text if relevant, and the data from the research that you completed to provide analysis and answer the questions below.

    Consider the following sociologically and respond to the following:

    Selecting between Bali, Spain, or Japan do some research on the country of your choice and discuss the work culture in the country and the peoples attitudes towards the work/life balance. In your discussion, compare these cultural attitudes with the cultural attitudes of the US and discuss how they are similar or different. (2.5 points)
    What role does Capitalism (an integral part of American culture) play in our shaping our perceptions and ideals about work and play here in the United States? (2.5 points)

    Your paper should be 2 pages long using a 12 point font doubled-spaced. You should have an intro, 2 paragraphs and a conclusion.
    The 1st paragraph should cover the work/life balance and cultural practices for the US and the country of your choice. The second paragraph will consist of a discussion on how CAPITALISM as a system influences aspects of our culture, particularly when it comes to the work/life balance that many adults struggle with in western culture. Ive provided an article below as a resource with more info on the work/life balance
    Citations should be used to avoid plagiarism (MLA or APA)

    Helpful research terms: culture of capitalism, work life balance in the US, capitalism, social impacts of capitalism

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