Cultural Change and Project Sponsorship

    “Cultural Change and Project Sponsorship” Please respond to the following: 3-4 paragraphs. Then respond in one paragraph to the additional post.

    Examine the primary reasons why project management causes a cultural change and the impact of that change on integrative information technology. Support your response with at least one (1) example of a cultural change that project management can cause.

    The literature affirms that project sponsorship is a major component for the successful completion of projects. Select an organization where you would aspire to serve as a CIO. Explore the role of a project sponsor, and highlight the significant reasons why such a position is pivotal to your organizations success. Provide a rationale for your response.

    Once that section is completed, respond in one paragraph to the post below. State if you agree or disagree and the reasoning why. You may also add on to the conversation.


    Corporate culture refers to the full range of the company’s characteristics and components, attempting to differentiate a company from its competitors while also unifying its work force by improving the communication between employees. A companies culture is created by experiences of its members. Because of this, project managers need to interact with cultural influences or risk running into conflicts and misunderstandings with clients, vendors, and employees. Conflicts can also occur within the company in a number of ways.

    For example, many companies have multiple office across the globe, and the language used in these offices can differ. This can cause project managers to be in a hard place when trying to communicate between the employees in the different offices. The best practice would be to determine the tools of communication (email, phone calls, definitions), and apply clear communication throughout any meetings. Conflict can occur in any office, these examples are no different. The different culture, personalities, and motivations in the team can cause conflicts, so addressing these can minimize them. A good project manager can recognize these aspects and work with them to ensure a team works well and respectfully with each other.

    I would choose Microsoft as the organization I would want to serve as a CIO for numerous reasons. A project sponso is one level above a project manager. The project sponsor does not manage day to day operations, rather they ensure the resources are in place and promote the project. A project sponsor would be pivotal simply for the fact they ensure resources are in place. From ensuring the project has money to equipment, the sponsor is important in ensuring their project is taken care of.

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