Critical thinking

    Describe two different interventions that have been implemented anywhere for this issue.  At least one of them should have empirical evidence that it was effective.
    For each intervention, provide the following details:
    Intervention #1

    1.Name of the intervention
      Choose the objective directly relevant to your issue of interest.
      Who participated in the intervention? Whose behavior or well-being was the focus of the intervention?
      Please note the demographics: age (for this assignment, the intervention could be for any age), ethnicity or nationality, socioeconomic status, and so forth.
      Where was the intervention implemented?  Specify the larger location in terms of country or city, as well as the more specific context, such as schools or nonprofit community center.
      When was it implemented? What year? [No restrictions on how long ago.]
    6.Intervention design
      Who implemented the intervention, a nonprofit, a research institution, a government agency?
      What was the intervention?  What was done? What did participants have to do? If it was law, what did the law require or prohibit?
    7.Evaluation method
      How was the intervention evaluated? What research method was used (e.g., questionnaires, observations)? 
      If there is no evaluation strategy provided, make a note of the lack of evaluation information.
      Was the intervention effective? What was the result of the evaluation in regard to the issue of interest to you?
      What seemed to work in this intervention?
      If there is no evaluation description, indicate whether there are any claims that the intervention worked or was effective. Then, explain what is the basis of this claim? 
      For your upcoming grant proposal assignment, you need to base your idea on evidence.
    9.Complete citation(s) of the source(s) from which you obtained all the information above for this intervention.
      Use Purdue Online Writing Lab to clarify how to use APA
    Intervention #2
    Points 1 to 9 as explained above. 
    I have already attached the file I wrote regarding the topic I’m interested in. you can write according to the attachment. 

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