critical reflection with specific topics

    Based on readings in the pdf,  Write critical reflection on each topic below:
    1. Executive compensation plan design: Linking strategy to shareholder wealth creation and executive rewards
    2. Short and long term incentive plan design, selecting and calibrating performance hurdles, stress testing and special situations
    3.CEO and other executive contracts and equity plans, and administration of compensation plans
    4. Risk-adjusted compensation, auditing compensation, treatment of oversight functions, compliance and forensic accounting reviews
    5. Incorporating non-financial, intangible and leading indicators into compensation design and alignment
    6. Non-executive director remuneration: Trends and issue

    each topic has readings and websites in the pdf, you do not need to read them all, but please write the paper based on those readings and websits.

    For clarity purposes, a critical reflection does not mean a summary, but rather: (i) a heightened level of objective, independent analysis, with a mindset of healthy skepticism; (ii) an informed, insightful synthesis and critique of positions, assumptions and divergent views and arguments on the topics for that class, all with an ability towards constructive challenge; (iii) an integration and positioning within a larger context; and (iv) any action, advice or recommendation emanating from your reflective critique.

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