Critical Analysis of Psychotherapy Theories

    For this assignment, please analyze the case of Michael and explain how you would approach treatment using at least three of the therapy theories considered in class (Client-Centered, Gestalt, Rational-emotive, Cyclical Psychodynamics, Emotion-focused, CBT, Schema-focused therapy, TFP, MBT). Using each of your chosen theories, explain how the theory understands Michaels case and informs a treatment approach.  Include concrete illustrations of how you would intervene, with descriptions and/or dialogue that you can construct as in an imagined process recording to illustrate how the interaction might go. Specifically address how you might integrate the three approaches in addressing the clients problems.
    The length of the assignment should be 8-10 pages plus bibliography; the paper should be double spaced APA style. Please follow the APA guidelines when citing your sources.

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