crisis and trauma

    1. Chicago/Turabian Humanities citation style.
    2. Research paper on Pastoral caregiving to those in crisis, trauma and grief.
    3. Occasions such as traumatic events, crises, and even life cycle changes that include vicarious trauma and moral trauma.
    4. Insight into the psychology of trauma, loss and change. Developmental crises and situational crisis.
    5. Book resources that you should utilize: Crisis Counseling (Howard Stone), Trauma and Grace (Serene Jones), Spirit and Trauma (Shelly Rambo), The Wild Edge of Sorrow (Francis Weller), When Breath Becomes Air (Paul Kalanithi).
    6. You can use other resources that are relevant to above books.
    7. For your use, you should be able to have access to those resources. I have limited docs available that I can upload.

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