Criminal Justice Policy Analysis

    For this assignment, you will develop a 1-2 page fact sheet on a criminal justice policy or problem related to collateral consequences. Several examples of fact sheets have been added here: Fact Sheets. Some of these are somewhat longer than I am asking for, but nonetheless provide good examples. Specific guidance on how to write a fact sheet is available here.

    Fact sheets present information on a specific subject or concern in a simple, yet appealing way. Good organization, a clear focus, and use of graphics and/or bullet points are critical. You want to aim for presenting factual information for stakeholders (e.g., the public, policymakers) that is easy to read, visually appealing, and narrowly targeted. All sources of information, including data and graphics, must be appropriately referenced using endnotes (Do not follow “How to Write Fact Sheet” on this point, as I need any citations you used for evaluation purposes!).

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