Criminal Justice

    In 500 750 words answer the following:

    1. What are the differences between the crime control model and the due process model?
        a. Give a detailed definition of each model
        b. Provide an example of a policy that reflects each model (real or hypothetical)
        c. Compare and contrast
    2. Next, summarize the concept of discretion and explain why it is a defining feature of our criminal justice system.
        a. Relate discretion to the crime control and due process models.
        b. How does it manifest under each model?
    3. Lastly, how does the media influence public perception on crime?
    4. Opinion Component: Do you think the medias influence on public perception affects political platforms? How about public policy related to criminal justice? (provide examples from throughout history or modern times). Is the power of the media to influence public perception a positive or negative feature of our society? Or is it both? Explain your reasoning/opinion.

    only use book as reference.

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