Section 1: The Problem- COVID-19 and the effects on nursing staff.

        An outline of the environment you selected (i.e., home, workplace, school)
        A summary of your selected population health problem in terms of person, place, and time, and the magnitude of the problem based on data from appropriate data resources (Reference the data resources you used.)
        Research question/hypothesis

    Section 2: Research Methods
        The epidemiologic study design you would use to assess and address your population health problem
        Assessment strategies (i.e., if you were conducting a case-control study, how would you select your cases and controls? Regarding the methods and tools you would use to make these selections, how is it convenient for you as the researcher or as the investigator to use this tool?)
        Summary of the data collection activities (i.e., how you would collect dataonline survey, paper/pen, mailing, etc.)

    Section 3: The Intervention
        An outline of an intervention you would implement to address the population health problem with your selected population based on the results of the study in Section 2 (Note: If you selected a descriptive study design, you are still required to outline an intervention that might be developed based on future research.)
        A review of the literature that supports this intervention

    Section 4: The Impact
        An explanation of the health outcome you would be seeking and the social impact of solving this issue

    Section 5: Evaluation
        An evaluation plan based upon the health outcome that you have chosen and your anticipated results

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