Course Reflection

    This paper asks you to reflect on what youve learned this quarter. In approximately 500 words, double-spaced, please do the following:

    1. Describe in detail threethings you learned about your own development. Weve asked you at various points throughout the quarter to connect what you were learning to your experiences as a child. Now is the time to bring all those reflections together!
    a. You should write about threedifferent topics that are relevant to your development. This includes heredity/prenatal, motor, perceptual, cognitive, executive functions, language, multilingualism, temperament, attachment, emotional, identity, social, and so on.

    2. Next, explain how you might use what you’ve learned in this class moving forward. Write about threespecific ways you can apply the material from class to your planned career, your lives as parents, or any other avenue. Also write about why youve made these connectionswhy would you apply what youve learned in this way? How did you make this decision? Why is it important? For example, you might explain how you plan to use what you learned about multilingual development to the decisions you make when raising your own children, and why this is the decision youve made. Be specific in explaining both how you will behave and why what youre describing is important.
    a. Again, you should write about three different topics. These can overlap with the topics you wrote about for the first prompt.

    3. Throughout your paper, be sure to use terminology weve discussed in class, and definethese terms, so that we know exactly how youre connecting your reflections to the concepts weve learned together. The connections should be explicit/obvious as were grading.

    4. As always, provide specificexamples whenever possible. Use APA citations to connect your reflections to material youve read for class (but you dont need to cite lecture). If you cite any readings, you should have an APA-style reference list. You do not need a title page.

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