Corona Virus

    For this project, you will research an argument that is rhetorically sound or flawed (your choice) and respond to it with a counterargument.

    You may select any argument you wish to respond to, provided that you feel it is an attempt to persuade the reader or listener to align with the views of the person making the argument. Remember: in seeking rhetoric, a news article is not sufficient. You are looking for a person making claims, and using evidence to support those claims.

    In your research, you should locate an argument that is relevant to what we are currently experiencing during this moment of pandemic and social distancing. Perhaps the author is arguing about the economic situation, the isolation we are dealing with, the failures or successes of state or federal government, the political situation, or the medical challenge our health care providers are facing. Whatever it is they are arguing, you are looking for a set of claims with which you do not agree.

    I recommend perusing the opinion sections of news organizations for an argument to analyze and respond to.
    SUMMARIZE & ANALYZE the rhetoric of the argument to which you are responding.
    RESPOND to the argument you have analyzed (in other words, write a counterargument.) You can (1) disagree or (2) somewhat agree, with differences, but you cannot fully agree with the argument.
    ANTICIPATE OBJECTIONS to your counterargument. Include these potential objections and your responses to them in your paper.
    RESEARCH and INCLUDE 3-5 outside sources that support your argument (including the source you are responding to)
    Your paper should be a minimum of 1400 words with citations in the MLA style (refer to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.) for how to properly format MLA in-text citations.)

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