Convention Sales And Services

    Convention Sales And Services

    The International Association of Conference Centers (IACC), North America, is an organization of member conference centers that have met the "Universal Criteria" for conference centers worldwide.


    The IACC mission is "to assist members in providing the most productive meeting facilities around the world. These facilities represent the highest-quality venues available to meeting professionals on a global basis" ("About IACC: Our Mission," 2008, par.)


    Read through the details of the case study and then write an essay responding to the prompt taken from the case study, copied below.


    Your mission for this case study is to select, with a solid rationale, the best conference center for the meeting described. This meeting is entirely fictional; it is based on several meetings held by several corporations. The meeting, though, presents a scenario that could fit at any one of the three conference centers described in this case study. Differences between the facilities, though, will have an impact on the meeting (as well as the planning decisions made). After careful study of the meeting requirements, and reflection about the venues and the needs and desired by the client, you should be able to select one of the properties and you should be able to successfully defend that selection. <o:p>


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