Contemporary Connections to Baroque Art

    Contemporary Connections to Baroque Art

    Write a one to two paragraph article (a paragraph is minimum 150 words) that discusses the relevance of Baroque art to modern and contemporary art.

    We’ve already drawn parallels between contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley and Renaissance sculpture. Wiley is also known to be inspired by the large and grand paintings of the Baroque period. See Kehinde Wiley’s New Baroque  (Links to an external site.)and this article from the National Portrait Gallery (Links to an external site.). Read on for more about other modern and contemporary artists whose work can be connected to the Baroque style:

    Pablo Picasso, The Maids of Honor (Las Meninas, after Velzquez) (Les Mnines, vue densemble, daprs Velzquez), La Californie, August 17, 1957 (Links to an external site.)

    High Contrast, High Drama: Finding the Baroque in Contemporary Art  (Links to an external site.)

    Select one of the artists/artworks discussed in the articles above or research and identify a connection of your own to write about.

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