Configure WLAN using WPA2-PSK Security Standard

    In this exercise, you will learn how to configure a security standard called WPA2 with Pre-Shared Key (PSK) to secure a WLAN SSID.

    Learning Outcomes
    This exercise covers the following:

    Configure WPA2 with PSK
    Your Devices
    This exercise contains supporting materials for Cisco.

    Practice Labs screenshot.

    Configuring WPA2 with PSK
    Consider the figure shown below. There is a WLAN here called Practice-Labs. Once you click on its WLAN ID, five tabs would appear. Under the security and Layer 2 tab, you can configure layer 2 security type, PSK key, and other security settings.

    Note: Ciscos dcloud is available on The demo is available to only Cisco employees and registered partners.
    Figure 7.1
    Figure 7.1: Displaying the Layer 2 security tab where WLAN security is configured.
    WPA +WAP2 is selected as layer 2 security. You will need to enable PSK under Authentication key management. You would then have to enter a pre-shared key, as shown in the figure below.

    Figure 7.2
    Figure 7.2: Displaying the Layer 2 security tab where WLAN security PSK is configured.
    When you click apply and save the configuration, WPA2 will be configured with PSK.

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