Briefly write 550 words conclusion base on my Group Report (attached file) about GNSS applications in Earth Sciences.
    Report Content, please find the attached group report file.

    1.    Abstract       
    2.    Geodesy and Geodynamics   
    2.1.1    Tectonic Motion and Deformation Monitoring   
    2.1.2    Ocean Surface Verification   
    2.1.3    Earthquake and Tsunamis Detection
    2.1.4    Seafloor Measurement   
    2.1.5    Ground Surface Observation    
    2.1.6    Cryosphere Monitoring   
    2.1.7    Ionospheric Monitoring   
    2.1.8    Troposphere Monitoring   
    2.1.9    Water Vapour Content Retrieval   
    3.    Conclusion    ((((((((((((Write 550 words conclusion))))))))))))))))

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