Computer Science – Technical writing

    Part A. Graphics for Your Proposal
    Create 2 graphics that will go into your report to add clarity.
    Here are the guidelines for your graphics:
              You create original graphics (e.g. chart, table, graph, process flow) You can use information/data that you found during your research, but you must create the actual graphic.
    o  For example, if you wish to show the rise in workplace accidents, you might get the numbers from a government website, but you must create the graphic that demonstrates how the numbers show an increase.
    o  If you use source information, identify the source.
              The graphics must clarify a concept in your proposal. Provide a short description with each on how the graphic relates to information in your proposal.
              Focus on creating clear and appealing graphics that enhance the content of your proposal.
    o  For instance, if your problem is that your company does not advertise on social media, then you could include a table or bar chart that shows the number of viewers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
              The table or chart would use source data. Create your graphics in Word or a PowerPoint. You will be inserting them into your proposal in Part B.

    Part B . Proposal
    The purpose of the proposal is to present a solution to the problem you identified early in our course.  Building off of our previous assignments, especially the feasibility report, the proposal offers a solution to an identified problem, and attempts to persuade readers to accept a particular course of action.
        Memo cover page
        Title page
        Table of contents
        List of figures
        Executive summary (single-spaced)
        Introduction with purpose statement
        Discussion section: Problem, Solution, Context.
        Organize the report by subheadings relevant to the proposal
        Conclusion that ends memorably and reiterates main points
        APA references page

    RESEARCH: A minimum of five (5) credible sources are required
            6-8 pages (does not include memo, title page, table of contents, list of figures, or references page)
            Double-spaced (although proposals are sometimes single-spaced, this course will utilize double-spacing for the sake of consistency)
            Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
            1 inch margins
            Page numbers
            In-text citations and references page in APA format
            A minimum of two (2) visual aids (at least one (1) table, graph, flow chart, timeline, or illustration created by student, and one (1)  that can be inserted from a source with appropriate APA reference)

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