Compare KFC’s marketing strategy in its home country (The United States) with that in China

    Write a Report (3000 words) on the observations of a selected global brand within a selected country context. Highlight the significance and impact of COO [Country of Origin] for the selected brand.

    Your discussion must provide an overview about the macro environment of the selected brand and its social/culture association. You must include a business overview and a comprehensive analysis of the Global Marketing Strategy for the selected company/brand.

    Your analysis should also discuss the outcomes (success or failure) for the adopted global marketing strategy. The report particulars must be built on a discussion about the strategic overview of the industry within which the company or the brand operates and any key marketing issues that are of particular importance.

    In some instances you may find that the company and the brand are intricately interwoven, especially when companies are small. In larger companies brands could be part of a larger portfolio. You must pay particular attention to the issue of standardization Vs adaptation of brand design and the impact of this within the chosen market.

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