Compare how one of the five themes weve studied (religion, violence, inequality, chivalry OR filth) is depicted in Robin Hood versus A Knights Tale. What is the overall impression of the Middle Ages the filmmakers are trying to leave viewers with? Is it

    For this assignment, you will write an essay exploring how the Middle Ages are depicted in
    popular culture, based on the five major themes found in medievalist fiction: religion, violence,
    inequality, chivalry, and filth.
    Your essay will be four to six double-spaced pages (1000-1500 words), using 12-point Times
    New Roman or Arial font.
    It will include a minimum of three sources, one of which MUST be an academic source (journal
    article or scholarly book). You must cite your sources using APA. Please see the Conestoga
    guidelines for correct APA formatting.

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