compare and contrast read instruction

    3)    Compare and Contrast
    Compare and contrast mental health/illness in Toni Morrisons The Bluest Eye and Bebe Moore Campbells 72 Hour Hold. Organize your paper around at least 3 main points or topics, putting both novels in dialogue with one another in each topic. (In other words dont discuss one novel in the first half of your paper, and the other in the second half.) Use outside research to supplement your paper and to shed light on your topic and thesis. Use at least three outside sources. This is a conventional-style research paper (not a creative-style research paper like the first two topics). A successful paper will include a thesis argument, detailed support of the thesis argument, direct quotations of at least three pertinent passages from each of the primary texts (six direct quotations altogether) and your analysis of those passages, consideration of opposing arguments if applicable, effective organization of ideas and paragraphs, a strong introduction and conclusion, a minimum of grammatical errors, and a clear and concise writing style that is attuned to its audience. Do not include plot summaries in your paper.

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