: Comparative Assessment of Welfare-To-Work Vocational Education programs between Mississippi and Louisiana.

    Topic: Comparative Evaluation of Vocational/Training Educational Programs and Their Effects on Welfare programs in Mississippi and Louisiana
    Each Student is to:
    1.    Identify a welfare-to-work program. (Vocational Education/Training Programs between Mississippi and Louisiana)
    2.    Evaluate the chosen program by comparing it with a similar welfare-to-work program.
    3.    Provide a brief history, the social welfare policy that supported the program, identify the cost, beneficiaries, strengths, and weaknesses about both programs. 
    4.    Also, identify any lessons learned from the other state and discuss how it that can help to improve the Mississippi welfare-to-work program that you compared.
    5.    Conclusion and at least three recommendations should be included.
    6.    Provide complete references for all sources of information according to the APA format.
    7.    A minimum of five (5) references in APA format are required.
    8.    Include any charts or recommendations.
    Note:  Example of your title:
    A Comparative Analysis of program of Mississippi and . of California.

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