company report

    Each student will choose one publicly traded company to investigate over the course of the
    semester. The company must be publicly traded on a recognized financial exchange
    (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, etc.)
    I highly recommend requesting a year-end annual report from your company (or
    downloading it from the internet) to help you with formulating your financial plan. All the
    financial data you need is included in these documents that are sent free to potential
    Your in-depth exploration of your chosen company should address several issues related to
    your training in finance this semester. First, provide some information about the company in
    general. Who is this company? Where are they located? How many locations? How long
    have they been in business? How many employees? Where are their headquarters? What do
    they primarily do? What sector market are they in? Who are their competitors? What
    position do they have in the market? (Leader, last, one of the leaders etc.).
    Next, try to use what you know (or will have learned by the time you do it) to look at the
    company through your newly acquired financial eyes. What was the average stock price over
    the past year? How did the stock price change throughout the year? Get these from any
    website that can search stock prices by symbol. Is there a justifiable reason for the changes
    that are company specific, not based upon the overall market? What is the financial status of
    the company (i.e., are they in good financial condition based upon what you have learned
    from this class, how do their financial ratios look, what is in the future for them, do they have
    sufficient funds to continueetc.)? A thorough explanation and comprehension of the
    financial ratios is a major component of this project.
    Finally, include a summary that answers questions such as what do you expect will be the
    trend for this company in the next 5 years based upon your research? What markets are they
    getting into that they are not presently in? How is the company changing? What kinds of
    offerings do they anticipate announcing in the future? Would you invest in this company?
    Why or why not? What are their financial ratios compared to their competitors? Why do
    you think they are different and what influenced these figures?
    You will create a final paper that should be around 10 pages in length (double spaced, times
    new roman 12-point font) for this assignment. Be sure to include as appendices any
    amplifying information that is not included in the report (industry norm ratios, copies of
    financial statements, stock price over the semester, etc.)

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