Community College CS 1 project revisions JAVA

    Already completed project with revision comments scattered throughout the code by professor. All that needs to be done is the revisions the way he wants them to be done. I have attached all instructions relevant to the assignment, but the majority of the work is completed. Only thing to do is the changes he asks for within the code.

    The Ass4p2 zip file contains all relevant things, which needs to be unzipped. The is the only thing that needs to be worked on. The second txt file I attached is the latest version of the code, which you’ll need to copy paste into the to replace the old version. You do not need to touch the JavaDoc comments that have our names, but please summarize the way the methods interact to fulfill the project instructions in a short 6-10 line paragraph within the JavaDoc. I have already started it, but my teacher says it is insufficient.
    PS: The main method is at the bottom and is separated by another JavaDoc header with names/descriptions.

    Thank you and please email for any questions.

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