COM 2224 Business Communication Effective Business Message Absorption

        From the start of this interview I already had in mind that the person I was currently interviewing was a big apple product fan.
    Subject: Memo analyzing brand choices based on business messages
    The purpose of your two- to three-page memo is to give a brief analysis of how people choose and purchase products based on exposure to various forms of business messages. You are to interview at least two different people on their brand choices in the following categories:
        Cereal (or some other breakfast product)
        Cellphone (either the phone brand or carrier)
        Streaming Service
        Transportation (Car, Bike, or Skateboard)
    Directions: Choose a category from above and interview at least two people on the particular product brands they use. You must list the names (first and last) of the people you interview. (If someone doesn’t want to include their name, find others who do.) During the interview, inquire why they decided on these specific brands and whether their decisions were influenced by the company’s business messages shown in advertising (commercials, print ads), word-of-mouth, or news sites (e.g., stories on the latest technology associated with that company).
    Give examples (mottos, slogans, etc.) of the business messages conveyed by some of the company brands mentioned by the interview subjects. (For instance, if they are big Kellogg’s Frosted Flake eaters, then Tony the Tiger is the mascot who says the slogan, “They’re Gr-r-reat!”) Write up an analysis of the highlighted brands based on the interview information for that category. Include background information on the company and the latest sales numbers for their products.
    Use this memo format as the template for your document. The memo should be typed in Times New Roman, 12-pt, with single-spaced sentences. Include a one-line space between paragraphs.

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