Cognitivism – Learning Theory

    Students will write a 2 – 3 page paper on a topic that interests them and aids their professional growth in classroom management.

    TOPIC: You may select any topic we have explored thus far in our studies.

    TOPIC DISCUSSION: Schedule a topic conversation with me on or before Monday, February 8. You must initiate the scheduling using Calendly in Start Here. If none of the offered times suit you, contact me.

    Schedule after you select a topic or if you are stuck on two. Include the topic(s) when scheduling
    You might want to think about how you can dig deeper into a topic that interest you. For instance, if during our review of learning theories and your reflection on beliefs about education, you decide you are leaning toward Constructivism. You might want to read an article about one or two models of discipline that are Constructivist.

    You must use the Reflection Format found in Start Here.

    You must use APA 7 writing style for your in text citation and your references.

    You MUST take great care to pay attention to detail in these areas.
    Have a separate Reference page. (Not a part of the page total)

    When writing your references, you use hanging indents. Check the How To section on how to do this.

    In addition to the article you are reflecting on, you must provide scholarly quotes from two (2) additional sources. These may be direct or paraphrased. However they must:

    Support a point you are making
    Acknowledge the author or organization within the body of the text as well as have a place in the reference

    The original article that you read must be scholarly. Not every article you come across will fall into the scholarly category. Here are some places where there is a very high probability of the articles being scholarly.

    The back of each Chapter of your text has relevant books and articles. All articles will not be available or free
    The textbooks of previous courses
    Do a Google Scholar search
    Find articles on University (.edu) sites or professional sites such as NAEYC, Zero to Three

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