Clinical Narrative Patient with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma

    The purpose of this assignment is to stimulate critical thinking by having the student critically reflect on their clinical practice. This narrative will form the basis for the BAV Reflection Summary paper.

    Clinical Narrative Part 1: A Story
    Using a specific example from your nursing practice that made a deep impression on you as a nurse, write a story of an interaction with a patient that demonstrates who you are as a nurse. Include a detailed description of the patient and how you interacted with/cared for them during the time you knew them.

    Title should be Clinical Narrative
    APA format with Title page
    See example APA title page in Course Introduction
    Double space
    Title at top of first page is Clinical Narrative (centered, upper/lower case,
    Maximum 2 pages (does not include title page)
    Number pages beginning with title page
    Acceptable to use first person for this assignment (not typical for APA)
    No Scholarly references are to be used for this assignment
    This assignment will be graded for completion (grade will be assigned when Part 2 is completed).

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