Clinical Management of teens and adults who stutter

    Clinical management of teens and adults (7 pages doublespaced)

    You will listen to two interesting assigned StutterTalk podcasts retrieved from Schneider Speech website  (Blog/Podcast Collection).  Link below:

    Podcast 1- Story Time:Speaking your Truth (13 mins)
    Podcast 2 – Stuttering: Tell Me What to Do (36 mins)
    From each of the two podcasts:
    a) discuss 3-4 clinical approaches/strategies that you learned including rationale and b) specify how you would apply what you learned to therapy with teens and adults who stutter (e.g., therapy activity, what directive you would say to the client and family, areas for counseling).
    *Alot of counseling here as a speech pathologist with individuals who stutter.

    I have also listened to both podcasts myself and took notes on them and will upload a word document with my notes on the longer podcasts however, I still expect the writter to listen to the podcasts( they’re interesting) to be able to write a good paper. Will be checking in daily to review the paper, Thank you.

    Graduate level paper

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