Clinical Case Study

    Write-up a CCS using the following outline format. Your response should be factual and concise (brief but comprehensive). You are required to use at least one other source besides your textbook. For additional online resources, consider the web sites provided on the External Links page and/or the Chapter Weblinks provided on the Course Materials page. A direct internet search of the disease will also like reveal organizations specific to that disorder (i.e. American Diabetes Association). References should be provided using a standard citation (MLA or APA). For more information on referencing you source, visit the Hinkle Library online and select finding research help. There is a link to the library on the home page of this course. Title: Clinical Suspicion (diagnosis) * I. Etiology/Pathogenesis/Morphology II. Clinical Manifestations/Epidemiology III. Clinical Course/Natural History IV. Clinical Considerations/Diagnostic Testing V. Treatment/Prevention: Bibliography: References (citation)

    The abdominal cramps she could tolerate, after all Samantha had severe menstrual cramps since she was a young teen, so she was no stranger to this kind of pain. And diarrhea is one thing but bloody diarrhea is entirely another. Given the situation she was not at all alarmed when her doctor ordered a colonoscopy. What was particularly alarming to her now as her physician went over the results and treatment options however, was to learn that while mild cases could generally be controlled with dietary changes such as increased fiber, avoidance of caffeine, lactose and heavily spiced foods; the worse cases often required bowel resection.

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