climate change and the effect on polar bears

    I am supposed to be writing a paper for my Comp 2 class on solutions and recommendations to my overall assigned topic which is climate change and the impact it has on polar bears. It is 700 words minimum and needs 4-6 citations from 2 different sources. And each solution should have at least one citation from a valid source. I pasted the full list of instructions that are shown on the assignment page for the paper.
    I would like this paper to sound educated but not overly informative, but enough where it shows that a decent amount of research was done if that makes sense. Thanks.

    You will be researching solutions and making recommendations.  Your solutions need to be supported by research.  Look at what has been tried in the past and evaluate how well it worked.  The number of solutions you propose is up to you.  You might want to propose three solutions and then make a recommendation based on which solutions you think would work best.

    Recommendation reports usually begin with a description of the problem.  You have already completed this section when you wrote the technical description paper defining your problem.

    This report is going to focus on the solutions to the problem you presented in the technical description.  The recommendation report answers the question, “What is the best option?”

    Your job is to do more than provide your client with a recommendation.  You need to provide data to support your conclusions.  The reader will check your research, your logic, and your conclusions before accepting your recommendation.  This means that you must provide research to support your recommendations. You will set up your recommendation report as follows:


    Your purpose statement should indicate that the document is a recommendation report.  You should provide an overview of the main points to be presented in the paper.


    You need to decide which possible solutions you are going to present.  You should present more than one solution.  You might want to discuss solutions that have been tried in the past but have not been successful.

    When you present the possible solutions, make sure you are very clear and have research to show that this solution is a viable and logical solution that has been tried in the past.  If the solution was successful, give data showing that it was a good choice. Clearly describe the solution as well as its advantages and disadvantages.


    After you have presented all of the options, choose the one option that you feel would best meet your client’s needs.  This should be based on effectiveness, cost, support needed, etc. At this point in the report, you can argue for this recommendation over the others by stressing its advantages and providing data to support your argument.

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