Think about the various theories that Elizabeth Kolbert supplies in her brief discussion in Chapter 11 of “cli-psy” or climate psychology to account for the “gap between the science of global warming and the public’s response.”

    She mentions three theories for this gap:

    1-the public’s continuing confusion about what scientists are really saying,
    2-the confusion between the science and one’s identity or tribal commitment, and
    3-the psychological strategies that people use to avoid painful subjects.
    Read Chapter 11 of Field Notes from a Catastrophe.

    Choose ONE of the three theories that Kolbert discusses in Chapter 11, and compare it with ideas that Rich has explored in his article.

    Write a paragraph in which you discuss the ways in which the theory your chose from Field Notes is echoed and/or distorted in the content of “Losing Earth.”


    Discuss the ways in which you have witnessed the theory being played out among your acquaintances.

    Losing The Earth by Nathaniel Rich:

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