Classical Period

    1. Please select ONE period: The Classical, The Romantic, or The
    Modern period, and provide a comprehensive summary/review of your
    chosen period. Please discuss the following:
    Social/cultural/political overview of the period
    Music developments, practices and characteristics of the period
    Significant composers and works of this period

    2. Please select one composer from The Classical period, one
    composer from The Romantic period, and one composer from
    The Modern period and discuss each one (three composers in
    all). Provide a biographical summary, their music accomplishments and
    achievements, and something significant for which they are known. You
    do not have to limit yourself to the composers we discussed in class,
    however please avoid the composer you researched for your

    3. Please reflect and discuss how your views and perspectives of music have
    changed since taking this class. Has anything surprised you concerning
    your relationship with music after taking this class? What was the most
    memorable thing you learned or experienced in this class? Please be
    thoughtful. Do not dismiss this essay; reflect well.

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