CITC04 Exam Question

    “Students are to write an exam question based on the content covered in weeks 2-6 of the course. In order to do this, you will need to have read all of the assigned readings and statutes for the particular week, as well as any current news articles related to this topic.

    You may also use relevant articles that you find yourself in looking into this topic. You will then answer your question. Together, the question and the answer will demonstrate an understanding of what the readings are trying to convey in relation to the material covered in the particular week.

    Format: 2-3 pages, double-sided and double-spaced.”

    Above is the instruction posted by the professor, it actually needs to review all the readings in a particular week (and related material searched by yourself) and come up with a critical question by your own and then provide the answer. Therefore, I will provide all the readings for Week 3 since this week has mininal number of readings. This is equivalent to reading the materials and then writing questions to test yourself, so please give a critical question.

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