Cisco packet tracer

    Vodafone has contracted you to interconnect four (4) campuses (Main, City, Kumasi and Ho
    Campuses) for the University of Ghana Legon. Apart from the main campus, the other
    campuses have isolated locations:
    City Campus Locations: Adabraka and North Ridge.
    Kumasi Locations: Adum and Asokwa
    Ho Locations: Amedzofe, Tsibu and Kpenoe.
    The senior network operations manager of University of Ghana has also approached you to
    assist them fix some LAN connectivity and security issues.
    Vodafone requires you to implement a BGP for the four campuses. Such that, there would be
    an improvement in security, bandwidth and utilization defense against link failures between
    their campuses.
    Use a console cable to connect to the various devices.
    You are required to secure all the Routers and allow remote log on (5 persons) to them
    for management. Encrypt all clear text passwords. [Note: All passwords used in
    network should be cisco] [20 Marks]
    Examiner: Mr. Julius Y. Ludu Page 2 of 3
    Configure all the router interfaces with specified IP addresses below as stated in the
    Appendix. Set the clock rate for the DCE connections as 64000 and bandwidth as 64.
    Disable all interfaces that are not being used. [15 Marks]
    Implement BGP across the multiple paths between the Data Communication
    Equipment (DCE) at Legon, Adabraka, Adum and Amedzofe, with the autonomous
    systems (shown in Appendix) and internet protocols: [15 Marks]
    Advertise the routes for the networks in the BGP. [10 Marks]
    Vodafone requires you to implement EIGRP at the Kumasi campus (Asokwa and
    Adum) routers, using an autonomous-system-number of 200. [5 Marks]
    You are also required to implement OSPF at Ho for (Amedzefe, Tsibu and Kpenu) and
    RIPv2 on the City Campus (disable the auto summarization). [10 Marks]
    You are required to redistribute all known routes within the BGP. Redistribute the
    BGP routes into EIGRP, OSPF and RIPv2. [10 Marks]
    The switch, GSW should be configured as the VTP server of the switched network
    with VLANs indicated in the table below. Switches SW1, SW2 and SW3 are access
    switches and must be configured to receive and save VLANs created on the VTP
    server. Use the VTP information below to complete the configuration of your
    switches. [15 Marks]
    Ensure that you are able to ping from SW1 to the rest of the switches and to the
    various routers.

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