Cirque du Soleil Case Paper

    Cirque du Soleil Case Paper: Read the case in the course reader and answer the questions; assume time period is 1980s to present.    Answer the following questions below only from the reading:
    -How would you assess the attractiveness of the circus industry in the mid 1980s?
    -Would you encourage a newcomer to enter this marketplace?
    -Use the Porters Five Forces model, analyze the industry and create a summary table looking at big league and little league markets.
    -What were the factors the traditional circus companies competed on?
    -What do you like or dislike about the traditional circus?

    Now answer the rest of the questions using the Blue Ocean strategy analysis tool, and and considering Cirque du Soleil today:
    -What elements of the circus were kept?
    -Which ones were downplayed and which ones were played up?
    -Which elements were totally eliminated? Which elements were newly created?
    -How did Cirque du Soleil grow the industry, increase revenues and increase profits?

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