Option A: You probably value something or regret something about your younger years. Using narrative techniques, recount the event/the incident indicating the significance of the event and how it shaped your identity.

    Option B: Recount a true story about a ceremonial occasion– such as a graduation, wedding or memorial service– that you took part in. Show how and where the actual events of the experience met (or conflicted with) your expectations.

    Option C: At one point in your life, you have probably learned something about yourself.
    Choose a brief, yet memorable, incident in which you experienced a turning point and reveal how you grew or changed as a result of it.

    Choose anyone from here

    Your essay must include standard, academic formatting, including title, thesis idea, well-developed paragraphs, effective transitions, and, last but not least, an introduction and conclusion.
    You should carefully review the strategies for writing a Narrative essay.  The personal narrative must include background information, details, action and tension that not only tell a story, but make a point about a lesson learned or personal experience.  The narrative covers a short amount of time, so do not tell the whole story:  zoom in on the experience that highlights the lesson learned. Review sample essays and model the writer’s techniques.

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