child development

    A term paper of no less than 1500 words. This will be written on a Child Developmental topic:
    The more you talk to a child in the first five years, the better the cognitive and/or language development will be.
    The Term Paper is to present a discussion based on a minimum of three articles, books or chapters in a book that describes or supports, the hypothesis you have selected from the list.  A minimum of three citations (you can have as many above that number as you wish) with references in APA format will be included at the end of the paper. Only the references need be in APA and not the whole paper.

    Also, at the end of the paper you should include a short Appendix, which will answer three questions: 
    1. What were the databases, if any, that you used to find each article or book; 2. What was the search strategy you used (i.e., the search words you used) in each database to find the articles; and 3. Was each article that you cited an example of Primary or Secondary research?

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