Chicana and Chicano Studies: Brown Church: Five Centuries of Chicano and Latino Social Justice, Religion, and Identity

    Grading criteria
    Strength of thesis: 50 points 
    Clarity of writing: 20 points
    Accuracy of claims and overall argumentation:  30

    This course has offered a sweeping introduction to Latina/o social justice religious history using the framework of the Brown Church.  Based upon course lectures, readings, and filmsin your own wordshow would you define the Brown Church? 
    In your opinion, what were two to four of the most inspiring examples of the Brown Church from the course lectures, readings, and films?  How do these examples demonstrate your definition of the Brown Church?  Why did you find them inspiring?  What were the shortcomings of these individuals or movements you have selected?
    You may choose a range of two to four examples. I have given this flexibility to spur your creativity.  Some may wish to go deep with two examples; others may prefer to draw broader connections by using more than two examples.
    Your essay should include ten references to course readings.  These ten references should come from three or more course readings. 
    You may choose from the following list of examples, but you are not limited to these:
    The Brown Church Poem
    The Historical Jess
    Bartolom de Las Casas
    La Virgen
    The Mission film
    Garcilaso de la Vega el Inca
    Guaman Poma de Ayala
    Sor Juana Ins de la Cruz
    Padre Antonio Jos Martinez
    Csar Chvez
    Liberation Theology
    Misin Integral
    Romero film
    Latina/o Theology
    Mujerista Theology
    Latina Evanglicas
    The Sanctuary Movement
    I have attached a reading listed to choose from. Most of the readings are online and on google scholar. If you need any readings like the Mujerista Theology, Isasi-Diaz, and Introducing Latino/a Theologies, De la Torre & Aponte, I will send pages from the book right away. THANK YOU!

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