Character Analysis

    Supporting writings  …  PROVING YOUR CASE and
    Your character analysis will be a five-paragraph essay.  When writing,
    equate the experience to a courtroom setting in which you are the
    lawyer trying to win your case before a judge and jury.  Your thesis
    statement is the case you are trying to prove, the judge will decide
    if your support is admissible in your case, and the burden of proof
    is on you to prove the case, the thesis statement, in order to win.
    Think of your primary source (the story you have selected) as the information YOU have gathered about the
    case to prove the assertions you have in your thesis statement, also considered your case.  Using this same
    analogy, consider how your paper itself equates to a trial – your introduction to the opening argument, your
    body paragraphs to the case itself that you MUST prove to win, and the conclusion or the closing argument. 
    Therefore, for this court trial . . .
    PROTAGONIST.  The five-paragraph essay will include specific examples and quotes for support.  Before
    submitting your essay for grading, examine it carefully for the following:

    Write a good five-paragraph essay of at least 500 words in length.

    Incorporate all of the good writing practices you learned in Comp I. 

    Remember the organization of a typical five-paragraph essay plus the requirements for Comp II
        Paragraph One Introduction

    Must include the authors full name, the story title

    Must gain readers attention and interest

    Must NOT contain a quote

    Must contain a thesis statement that drives the entire essay

    Thesis statement must be last sentence in the paragraph.

    Thesis statement must contain the three
    points you are supporting in
    your paper.

    No…absolutely NO sentence should follow the thesis statement since it is the last
    sentence in the Introduction.
        Paragraph Two Point #1

    The topic sentence…the VERY first sentence in the paragraph…must specifically name
    the point
    found in your thesis statement and the point the paragraph will prove.  Do
    NOT use a quote in the topic sentence and do NOT begin your proof in the first

    The second sentence begins the support for this specific first point.

    Support continues until you have proven your point.  Balance your proof between
    paraphrasing and specific inclusion of quoted material.  Avoid LONG quotes for proof. 

    Use only phrases, not entire sentences.  Remember this is ONLY 500 words, so you do
    not want long quotes to fill your paragraphs.

    ALL sentences must support this point or the information is inadmissible in court.  The
    information you state may be true, but if it does not help
    your point, you are
    wasting your time including it because the judge will not consider it as evidence, only
    useless information about your case, not beneficial information to prove your case. 
    Those sentences that do NOT support are marked through and eliminated as both
    support and word count.

    The paragraphs concluding sentence ties back to the topic sentence.  Do NOT use a
    quote in the concluding sentence.
        Paragraph Three Point #2

    Follow the same instructions as you did for Point #1.  This time, however, you will be
    supporting Point #2.
        Paragraph Four Point #3

    Follow the same instructions as you did for Point #1.  This time, however, you will be
    supporting Point #3.
        Paragraph Five Conclusion

    Must include the three points once again, but you do not have to restate your thesis

    No quotes should be in the conclusion.

    Include relevant quoted material for support.

    Observe all typing rules that MLA formatting and documentation requires, including a Works Cited
    page.  Of course, a heading should be on the first page and a header should be on
    pages, as
    required by MLA.

    Remember to write in present tense because literature comes alive each time you read it.  However,
    quoted material may remain in its original tense.

    BEWARE: You will submit this writing, as all of your writings, through a plagiarism program.

    Additional Requirements:
        Include a catchy title, not the characters name.
        Arial, 12 font
        At least 500 words in length
        Double spaced, 1 margins
        Header upper right corner, from top of the page
        Heading that includes the following left justify the information

    Your name

    Instructor May

    ENG 1123Z

    Due Date Do not abbreviate the date.
        Must include quotes for support.

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