Chapater review

    Chapater review
    The Book- The Humanistic Tradition The Early Modern World to the Present by Gloria K Fiero 7th addition Volume 2

    Chapters 23-26

    M3 – Discussion Post / Primary 2/3 & Replies 2/4

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    Please pick ONE of the following topics to discuss for this week's post.
    Discuss deism and how it formed a bridge of faith between religion and science in this age.
    Explain the fundamental ideas of Bacon, Descartes, and Locke. 
    Discuss the impact of the Scientific Revolution on European art and music. 
    Differentiate between inductive and deductive reasoning. 
    List the central figures of the Scientific Revolution and their contributions. 
    Outline the development of the novel form of literature. 
    Describe the impact and fallout of the Enlightenment on European literature. 
    Describe the views of John Locke on duties of a government to its people. 
    Explain the role of satire as a literary instrument for attacking false values
    Examine the revolt against reason in the writings of Rousseau and Kant
    Explain the reasons for and consequences of the revolutions in America and in France
    Highlight the major developments in eighteenth-century music: the birth of the orchestra and new forms of Classical composition.
    Describe Neoclassicism as a vehicle for noble idealism and authority in Western art. 
    Describe the aspects of Neoclassical architecture of the era and give examples of any buildings you can recall having this style. 

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