Change Plan

    Intervention Implementation/Change Plan

    Continue to use the Final Project Template for this assignment.

    Remember that these assignments are using a practice case study approach. They do not require actual performance consultation or data gathering within the identified organization.

    For this component, be sure to include all of the following:

      1)  A brief introductory statement to describe this assignment’s purpose and content.

      2)  A completed Change Management Planner worksheet (link in the Resources).

      3) A completed Evaluating Sustainability From a Change Management Perspective worksheet (link in the Resources).

      4)  Conclusionsspecifically, a summary of your intervention implementation plan describing how you would address change management factors.

      5)  Lessons learned from this implementation/change process. Include a response to the following question:
            Beyond the worksheet data that you used in this assignment, what additional or alternative process, tools, or sample questions from your readings would you consider using to complete this implementation/change plan?

    NOTE: Integrate course readings to support HPI-related points and to strengthen the narrative.

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