CCM Plan assignments outline by Week 1

    Week 1: In Week 1, you will complete a short essay related to group norms for effectively communicating and managing conflict within a group. This is an individual assignment and you will share the results of this assignment with your group later in Week 2. (individual assignment)

    The essay will include communication and conflict management rules/guidelines that would be useful in guiding a team project and team communications over this semester or during the planning and execution of a project in an organization. These contributions will serve as the basis for your team in preparing a draft GCCM Plan in Week 2. The primary basis for grading is effort and thoughtfulness because we have not yet covered the elements of team communication, communication planning, and conflict management. Think about what would be useful to your team for working together effectively this semester, and draft some team expectations and rules for managing group communications, team assignments, and managing group conflict. An in-depth search of scholarly material is not needed to complete this assignment; however, you may conduct a quick search of scholarly materials in the online library of academic/professional journals to support your position, but you will also cite assigned readings from Week 1.

    This individual contribution is to be no more than 2 pages in length, formatted in APA (title page and References page not included in the page length), and uploaded as an individual assignment in your Assignment Folder for grading.

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