Catherine McAuley and Florence Nightingale

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    Writing Assignment #3 Catherine McAuley and Florence Nightingale

    Students will discuss the ways CM and FN embody characteristics of the nursing profession. Students will compare and contrast the two role models. Students will demonstrate beginning competency in use of academic writing style and APA formatting.

    Assignment: Reflection on Florence Nightingale and Catherine McAuley

    Consider the characteristics of a nurse and nursing discussed in class so far this semester. Think about how these women exemplify these characteristics and the similarities and differences between Catherine McAuley and Florence Nightingale.

    Write a minimum of one-page reflection discussing similarities between CM and FN, our two role models.

    Identify a minimum of two characteristics of professional nursing. Discuss the way in which CM and FN embody each characteristic. 

    Connect discussion to class content using supporting statements from assigned readings with corresponding citation to source.

    Academic writing style.

    APA formatting.

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