caste system group

    the group that I want to write about in the caste system is the Dalits
    Questions need to be answered.
    Find a specific Caste system and give the name________________________________________.

    After reading on your specific group answer the following questions.

    In the caste system, which group of people fits into the Upper-Class society?
    What professions do the members of the upper-class hold?
    What is the name of the middle class?
    What professions do the middle-class work in?
    How could one enter a higher caste?
    If ones karma is bad, what might happen?
    The Vedas is a collection of work from what group of people?
    Thinking questions (what do you think?)

    Do you think the people of India questioned this system? Why or why not?
    The Hindus believe in reincarnation.  What does this mean for those of you who may not be in the most ideal caste?  What could you do to change that?

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